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Wrap – Week Ended 06/28/19

. . Modestly green week.  The Trading Blotter is updated. Questions and comments under The Wrap will be addressed in the Monday post.  OPEC coverage will begin at 3 am EST Monday Morning. . –


Friday Morning – BCEI

. . Market Sentiment Watch: All eyes on G20 comments. In today's post please find the the natural gas review (a little above us, a little below Street, look for a smaller build next week), comments and a cheat sheet on BCEI, a cheat sheet for comparison with HPR, and some other odds and ends. OPEC and OPEC+ meeting […]


Thursday Morning – ROSE

. . Market Sentiment Watch: In energy land, solid data requested, solid data received. More please. Trading tepid in front of OPEC+ which originally would have been over by now, then set for this week, now set for next. In today's post please find the oil inventory review (better than expected report, monster crude draw, record […]


Wednesday Morning – AREX

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Energy group wants more solid data.  In today's post please find brief comments and a cheat sheet update for long unowned AREX, the oil inventory preview (API was bullish last night), the natural gas inventory preview (we again expect a smaller than consensus build), and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: We […]


Tuesday Morning – Gassy Players Update, LPI

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Economic speakers today could saw markets (Bostic, Powell, Bullard). Energy land needs to see more data from EIA.  In today's post please find an expanded Gassy Players Update, comments and a requested cheat sheet for Permian gassy player LPI (down 64% since we passed on it last Fall), and some other […]

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