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The Wrap – 2016

. . We were up 40% on the year and see valuations as reasonable for most of our held names.  . Thanks for making this site possible. Please have a safe and happy New Year's Eve and a prosperous 2017. . Interested in learning more about the site? Contact us at zman@zmansenergybrain or check out […]


Friday Morning – Oil and Natural Gas Inventory Reviews

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Expect a boring session. In today's post please find the oil and natural gas inventory reviews (with the regional breakouts as they've suddenly become more interesting to view), and some other odds and ends.  Over the next two weeks we plan to release our oil and natural gas 2017 macro updates. I will be […]


Thursday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Quiet expected into year aside from inventories today. In today's post please find the oil inventory preview (expecting a reversal back to crude draws), the natural gas inventory preview (expecting a record sized withdrawal but note the Street has come off from the prior day's expectation), comments on AR (updated and […]


Wednesday Morning – WRD

. . Market Sentiment Watch: End of year type trading. Yawn. In today's post please find comments on the recent WRD IPO and some other odds and ends. Please see the Housekeeping Watch at the end of today's post.  Ecodata Watch: We get Pending Home Sales at 10 am EST (no forecast, last read was 0.1%).  […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: All quiet on the news front. Expect another slow week this week and probably next and then for news flow to pick up in the form of end of year updates and 2017 official guidance. In today's post please find The Week That Was and some other odds and ends.  […]

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