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Spring Break 2016

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  In today's post please find the natural gas storage slide show and some other odds and ends.  Click the link directly below this to … 


Thursday Morning – Oil Review Plus Natural Gas Preview Plus MRD

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Yellen eases back on the rate hike throttle, moving from 4 expected hikes to 2 expected hikes this year and offers a slower pace of hikes in 2017 as well. Oil was pleased and built on the morning's gains (Doha initiative and inventories).  In today's post please find comments on oil […]


Wednesday Morning – REXX, GPOR

. . Market Sentiment Watch: All eyes on Yellen and the flood of economic data noted below. In energyland oil is refocused on inventories (at least for the next few hours) and the production freeze agreement, now redubbed the Doha Initiative. In today's post please find a wrap and cheat for GPOR, comments on the REXX 4Q15 […]


Tuesday Morning – Shopping List Update

. . Market Sentiment Watch: From here the week gets a lot busier on the economic data front with tomorrow's Yellen press conference likely the peak of volatility for the week. In energyland all eyes remain on oil and will transition from paying attention to the the positive and negative chatter back to US inventories before today's close. Sources indicate refinery […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busier week on the big picture economic front with the FOMC statement and Yellen speaking mid week.    In energyland, expect more sawing on oil prices (we certainly don't expect a repeat of the last two week's performance) with OPEC data points mid week as well.  In today's post please find The Week […]

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