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Thursday Morning – New Year’s Eve

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Goodbye 2015. To be clear we do not expect a snap back rally despite oversold / guilt-by-association conditions in the group with the turn of the calendar. It's possible but their is still the looming hump of early 2016 refinery maintenance season to get through in February and March before […]


Wednesday Morning – Permian Hedge

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Energyland remains under tax loss /trapped long selling pressure. News flows remains at a standstill but we should see an increase as soon as next week as 2016 budgets begin to roll out and companies speak at the next set of conferences (Goldman holds their energy conference next week and while […]


Tuesday Morning – Hedges

. . Market Sentiment Watch: End of year trading environment. In energyland, stocks resumed trading with oil yesterday in the light volume, slack news time of year end.  In today's post please find the 2016 and 2017 oil hedges for the Wattenberg and Bakken Players (with EBITDA sensitivity) and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: We get Case-Shiller […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Light economic load in this last short week of 2015. In energyland, this is normally a very quiet week of the year.  This year we would expect it to be even quieter as the upstream group delays release of the 2016 capital budgets longer than normal. In today's post please find The Week That Was and […]


Wrap – Week Ended 12/25/15

. . Questions and comments under The Wrap will be addressed in the Monday post.  . Click the link directly below this to … 

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