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Wrap – Week Ended 5/29/15

. . Questions and comments under the wrap will be addressed in the Monday post. 


Friday Morning – SYRG

. .   Market Sentiment Watch: Broad market looks summer-bored. Energyland remains fairly tractionless largely due to a lack of newsworthy items after quarter end and some oil moving items on the near term horizon. Many sellsiders are sitting back with a damned if oil prices go higher (pointing to a reversal in the rig count) and […]


Thursday Morning – Dualing Oil and Natural Gas Inventories

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Group continues to lack momentum as the summer doldrums arrive.  As usual for this week of the year, energy news flow remains at a trickle and it would make sense that the group is awaiting a number of macro items in June (see Commodity Watch section below). In today's post please find a […]


Wednesday Morning – MTDR, EOX

. . Market Sentiment Watch: No data today along with a short week generally bodes for a dull session. News flow remains low. In today's post please find a wrap and cheat for Eagle Ford and emerging Delaware Basin player MTDR, comments on EOX, and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: No economic data today.  In Today’s […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  Short week with data focused on housing early and the GDP revision late in the week. No big macro data expected in energy land until week's end and the publication of the Natural Gas Monthly (data for March) and this is normally a quiet week of the year in terms […]

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