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Wrap – Week Ended 11/30/14

. . Questions under the wrap will be addressed in the Monday post.    Click the link directly below this to … 



. . Market Sentiment Watch: No cut by OPEC, analysts, reporters, traders disappointed. Please see our notes from the conference below as there is going to be a lot of press spin on this and not everything was negative.  In today's post please find the natural gas and inventory reviews and notes and thoughts from […]


Wednesday Morning – OPEC Eve

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Big day for U.S. economic data as we await OPEC on the holiday and Friday's half session. Expect wild volatility in oil prices on Friday.  OPEC's 166th regular meeting takes place tomorrow morning while the U.S. markets have the day off. We will next post again on Friday. In today's […]


Tuesday Morning – PE

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Energy groups continue to largely tread water as we await OPEC. In today's post please find the early reads on the oil and natural gas weekly storage reports (both due out Wednesday due to the holiday), comments on PE's EBITDA sensitivity model, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: We continue to move in the sideways trade in front of the OPEC meeting and in energy land this week, we view oil prices and moves in the names as largely noise at this point pre meeting.  News flow from the energy groups is typically non existent this week of […]

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