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Thursday – Oil Review, Natural Gas Preview Plus Lots More Earnings

Market Sentiment Watch: We're moving slowly (largely sitting on hands with the occasional bout of buying) in this wishy washy market backdrop.  In today's post please find comments on a number of names of interest (some of them held in the ZLT) including the first Bakken player (WLL) and the first gassy stalwart (RRC) to report […]


Wednesday – Earnings Season About To Get Busy

  Market Sentiment Watch: Market has been in "who cares, it's time to sell" mode since last week We started adding positions that are overly beat down in our view Monday and accelerated that buying on Tuesday. Much of the selling is being dictated by charts, not fundamentals (improving or not). HSBC's "flash" PMI for […]


Tuesday Morning Non Energy Earnings Fear

  Market Sentiment Watch: Another ecodata less day and the market is poised for a big slide on the open due to non energy earnings (UPS missed) as yesterday's somewhat oddball over reactive and light volume trading (had that flash crashy feel to it)hits futures early.  In energy land, we have a lull in earnings today […]


Monday Morning Deal Day Plus Start of Energy Earnings Week 2

  Market Sentiment Watch: I would normally expect any two day period without U.S. economic data to be slow but its earnings season and our names seem restless to get out more than the usual amount of news prior to the heart of the E&P part of the season.  In today's post please find The […]


Wrap – Week Ended 10/19/12

Wrap table comments will be included in the Monday post,   however note that coal is waking up and finally smelling the natural gas rally. With the natural gas strip hovering just under $4 look for more stories regarding lost gas-fired generation share in coming weeks however at this point this should not significantly alter […]

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