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  Market Sentiment Watch:  Yesterday felt like buying interest emerging in the group as the SPR shoe dropped to the floor. The SPR release is essentially a back of the envelope shot at QE3 and I expect it to have the about the same effectiveness in achieving it's objective as QE1 and 2 did in achieving […]


Less Jobs Thursday – Oil Review and Gas Preview

  Market Sentiment Watch: Bernanke downgraded growth and employment and upgraded inflation. Otherwise not a lot new there. Ben did say he'd didn't know how long the headwinds to growth would last (refreshing honesty since he missed the beginning of the last recession but not exactly confidence building) and that he was frustrated by persistent […]


Wednesday = No Greek Fire Under The Market, All Eyes On Ben

  Market Sentiment Watch: One Green Day And Counting. Energyland remains fairly boring with little summer time news as is typical of the season. Bernanke's speech on the economy should take the lead on U.S. market's today follow Greece's Socialist Party surviving a vote of confidence last night allowing them to borrow more short term […]


Tuesday Morning Bounce

  Market Sentiment Watch: European and U.S. futures are higher this morning based on potential developments in Greece so it's going to be that kind of day again. Greece is set to hold a confidence vote at 5 pm EST today so markets could turn on a dime tomorrow.  Energy group still lacking energy but at […]


Monday Morning – More of the Same

Market Sentiment Watch: Same Summer, Different Week. No resolution or even bandaid for the Greek debt crisis means last week's fears are this week's fears.  Economic data releases are lighter in importance this week vs last but Ben does speak tomorrow and the Street is fearful that he will ratchet back the Fed's forward view.  In […]

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