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Thursday – Oil Review, Natural Gas Preview

  Market Sentiment Watch:  End of the quarter machinations. March is in danger of closing higher but be prepared for some increased volatility tomorrow on the back of the nonfarm payrolls data and beginning of quarter trading. Yesterday I did a little more portfolio trimming. Stocks have had a run and these are essentially rebalancing […]


Wednesday Morning – Dear Mr. President, I Have A Dream

  Market Sentiment Watch: Still bullish, like people are afraid of missing something. Or like it's quarter end and the powers that be want to end green. Tonight, President Obama will address the nation regarding U.S. energy security. Given oil and gasoline prices, the timing seems apt for a presidential speech on the topic going […]


Tuesday Morning

    Market Sentiment Watch:  Howard Weil effect day two, more operations updates on the way.  In today's post please find an updated, more detailed Catalyst List with the thought that some of these items will be ticked off the list as early as this week while others are only a few weeks away with […]


Monday Morning – Some NOG Thoughts

    Market Sentiment Watch:  Huge thanks to BOP and all for keeping things flowing and me laughing and at times, even on my toes thinking. Big week for economic data releases culminating in non farm payrolls on Friday. In energy land we have the Howard Weil conference that while not generally broadcast to the […]


Wrap – Week Ended 03/25/11

Thanks much to BOP and all for keeping things flowing this past week.  Comments for the wrap and the gas graphs below in the Monday post.  .

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