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Friday Brings Yet More Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch: Suddenly PIIGS don’t matter. We had a good day in the market yesterday with some opportunistic trading following what turned out to be a giant yawner of a gas supply revision out of EIA (see Natural Gas Supply Slide Show section below). We also had blowout performance and upped guidance from WLL […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review Plus Gas Review Plus A Lot O Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch: Jittery. S&P popped Spain’s debt ratings yesterday to mild confusion and later mass yawning. Italy and Ireland on the short list for things that should be downgraded sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Fed just about photocopied last month’s statement (and to think I write something fresh every day!) . In energy […]


Oedipus Wrecks The Market

  Market Sentiment Watch:  Actually, S&P wrecked the market with their downgrades of Greece and Portugal’s sovereign debt. And wrecked maybe too strong a word but surely they dinged sentiment in the emerging markets with their "surprise" downgrade. The only thing surprising about that move was that the two countries’ debt was not already classified […]


Tuesday Morning Pause

    Market Sentiment Watch: Busy, busy, busy. The market is still concerned about Greece, "financial reform", and Goldman’s testimony today. In earnings, Ford and 3M topped estimates and 3M is saying positive things about their outlook. In energy land things are just heating up for 1Q and we have a number of operations updates […]


Monday Morning – Earnings Calendar and An Updated Catalyst List

    Market Sentiment Watch: Slow week as economic data flow goes. Fears of a Greek debt restructuring and a break of the euro zone eased over the weekend. Financial reform efforts will remain on the front burner this week in D.C.  In Energy Land, earnings season accelerates this week, especially for the mid and […]

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