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Merger Monday

  SLB Makes It Official. Buys SII for $11 B (or $44.51 a share using Friday’s prices).  While M&A activity is generally bullish in the near term (the service group is bid up slightly this morning) there is quite a bit of doubt that this will be the first in a series of big mergers […]


TransAtlantic Petroleum (TAT)

  TransAtlantic Petro (TAT) – $2.95. Company quick look. Nutshell: Small cap E&P focused on Turkey, Morocco, and Romania. Management founded Riata which IPO’d as SD, sold out of majority there, and while the team has more lawyers and less G&G types on it than I generally like to see, the staff has a good […]


Wrap – Week Ended 2/19/10

  Wrap Comments: 1) Markets: Further Back From The Abyss. Market nerves have become jangled and many have called for a sharp correction in the last two weeks. Not so fast my friends. Despite troubles in Greece, China’s willingness to slow down its red hot growth, and the Fed’s attempt to look as if it […]


Discount Rate Friday

    Market Sentiment Watch: Touchy But Not Panicked. The Fed boosted the discount rate by 25 bps to 75 bps yesterday after the close. While not a surprise as the Fed has been talking about this since at least Feb. 10th, the dollar rallied sharply after hours sending equity futures and commodities lower. The […]


Thursday Morning Pause

  Market Sentiment Watch: Tense.  My approach to this earnings season is going to shift from "in before the beat and all the good news" to a more "go with a token position, waiting out the reaction" as I’ve seen a number of decent results met with tepid reactions and confusion over the new reserve […]

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