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Wrap – Week Ended 5/29/09

Holdings Watch: $10KP – $33,500 / 61% Cash Holdings Watch Comments: Another good week for the energy groups. I’ve been adding calls into market and sector weakness for the last two weeks in the wake of 1Q earnings. I’m now thinking of taking a few chips off the table into near term rallies. Remember that […]


Friday – Thank you Sir May I Have Another

 Arrested Development Watch: Just close out my rant yesterday on crude oil and the proposed higher royalties … One Way, or Another, They’re Gonna Gitya Watch: The Administration has imposed a 1 year moratorium on building roads on 58 million acres of U.S. national forest land. The edict takes effect immediately and supercedes any State […]


OPEC Thursday + Natural Gas and Oil Inventory Previews

OPEC Watch: Production Quotas Unchanged. The Cartel left production quotas unchanged, as expected, saying compliance is running 79%. Saudi Arabia said some of their customers are asking for more oil and they are refusing to increase production.   The U.S. War On Oil Companies Watch: Draft legislation on Federal leases in the House now: Minimum […]


Warren Resources (WRES)

  The Nutshell: Warren’s primary assets are a) two waterflood units in the Wilmington Field of Southern California – from here they produce essentially all of their oil and about 60% of their total production and b)  two coalbed methane plays in the Powder River and Washakie (Green River) Basins in Wyoming which until recently […]


Watchful Wednesday

Weird Science Watch: Energy Secretary Chu wants to paint your roof white. The idea is to reflect the suns rays better from flat rooftops, resulting in lower energy consumption. I smell a tax credit coming and a run on Sherwin Williams stock (SHW) and more probably Tronox Inc. (TRXAQ.PK), which markets Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), a […]

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