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Tuesday Morning – Earnings Starting To Heat Up

Obama Speech / Impact Watch: One of my hobbies is tracking data and trends in data. Over the course of the Bush presidency, it became obvious that a speech by the President meant a short term slide in the markets. It became uncanny. So I thought, why not track it for President Obama? So far […]


Monday Morning And All Is Pensive

The Week That Was Can Be Seen Here. The Week Ahead: Tons of economic data and a Fed meeting. Monday – existing home sales, leading indicators, Tuesday – consumer confidence (38), Wednesday – EIA Oil Inventory Report- 10:30 EST; EIA November natural gas supply report, FOMC meeting (rates 0 to 0.25%), Thursday – EIA Natural […]


Wrap – Week Ended 01/23/09

  Well, the week that was was only half bad. Two green days, two red and one of those as expected being an innauguaral day. Five quick points of interest follow the table. 1) Oil & Oil Service Outperformed The Broad Market. Not by a landslide and it could be just market noise in a […]


Friday – Natural Gas Preview & Oil Inventory Review

  The U.S. is pretty much awash in crude and products now. We need to see imports come off. Demand remains stalled and is inching in the wrong direction. Refiners are taking note of this by cutting utilization but inventories are literally piling up. Some trader/talking heads see this weak’s flattening of the contango and […]


Thursday – Oil Inventory Preview Plus

  In Today’s Post: Holdings Watch Commodity Watch EIA Oil Inventory Report Preview (11 EST release time today) Stuff We Care About Today – Viewer mailbag, HK, NE, SLB Odds & Ends Holdings Watch: No changes yesterday. I was looking for a rally, mission accomplished but we need to retake the 850 level on the […]

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