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Monday Morning – 2 Up Days In A Row?

  Thank you sir, may I have another?! Friday’s post entitled Dead Cat Bounce Friday was about as apt as I get. Today Citi gets a bailout and the markets are set to run again. This is going to be a low volume, vacation fraught week so my first, second, and third temptations are not […]


Wrap – Week Ended 11/21/08

  Distracting weekend; comments will be included in the Monday post along with comments from the Haynesville Shale Expo.


Dead Cat Bounce Friday

Sentiment Watch: Pure panic. Volume accelerated into the close after Paulson spoke about things that are broken and not apparently fixable and Congress decided to bailout, not bailout the auto industry. Someone once said "the market climbs a wall of worry". I’d add that it "abhors taking its cues from government officials holding press conferences." […]


Thursday – Oil Review and Gas Preview

Sentiment Watch: Crowded ledge.  And this market makes me feel like a Pollyanna as I expect one of the few strong sectors left (energy) to weather the financial storm better than this. While I can make a strong case for my E&P names, I’m contemplating puts on some service names (see HAL below) as even […]


Watchful Wednesday

Sentiment Watch: Continued doom and gloom in the morning with a chance of partly hopefulness later in the afternoon. A dearth of real news out of the energy patch is leaving the groups subject to the whim of the market.  In Today’s Post: Holdings Watch Commodity Watch EIA Oil Inventory Preview Stuff We Care About […]

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