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Mahmoud Monday

Monday Topics Oil & Iran Natural gas – following crude Odds & Ends – CFTC – natural gas short position on the rise, oil service merger Monday, Shell un-snafus a Nigerian pipeline, analysts start to say enough is enough on some refiners Oil – Probably Trades $62 to $65 this week depending how hot things […]


TGIF – OPEC Cheating, Refineries Churning, Gas Aplenty And A New Idea

Friday Topics Oil- Up, up, and away Holding Watch- Refiners and a LONG idead: CRZO A brief word on Natural Gas Storage Odds & Ends Oil: Up. Big. Apparently Greenspan’s comments of nigh on three weeks ago are history. The economy is not slowing and many are even seeing rate cuts in the offing within […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review and Natural Gas Preview

Thursday Topics Oil Price Comments Oil Inventory Report Review Natural Gas Report Preview Odds & Ends Oil: Crude edged over $60 in overnight trading after a quiet first day session for the May contract yesterday. This move above $60 will I’m sure be heralded with great fanfare on CNBC. The EIA makes a few good […]


Wednesday Morning – Waiting On Inventories

Wednesday Topics: Crude Oil and Inventories Gasoline and Crack Spreads Odds and Ends: a new ZEB report, etc… Crude Trades Quietly Ahead Of Report. Moving on to watching the May contract today. The talking heads will be no doubt spin the new contract is $2.50 closer to $60. Newpaper reporters penned headlines last night like […]


San Juan Production Slide Could Spell Trouble For SJT

March 20, 2007  San Juan Royalty Trust (SJT) – $30.26 I’ll be brief. From time to time I play this with puts or calls depending on the direction I think natural gas prices are headed and I thought I’d write it up. It has a pretty high correlation to natural gas. I won’t short it […]

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