Z7 – Weather

Click These For Useful Weather Related Information:


Accuweather - all things weather


Climate Prediction Center - scads of weather data and short term forecasts

NWS Forecast Map - mouse over areas to get weather graphics

Degree Day Historical Visual Representation - sort of like an intensity map in video format


Hurricane Stuff

Crown Weather - good text comments on storms

FSU Model Outputs - make sure you click the FWD button on these.

Ham Weather - nice views of hurricanes on satellite and storm tracks.

NOAA Central Atlantic Animation - satellite movie of the Atlantic Basin

NOAA West Atlantic Animation - satellite move of the Western Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Storm Tracks by Year- archive of hurricane tracks and data going back to 1851.

Saffir-Simpson Scale - the hurricane intensity yardstick

Saharan Dust Maps and Movies


All Things La Niña

NOAA Experimental Tropical Weather Outlook - has text comments with map

National Hurricane Center - 10 maps including the mariners 1-2-3 rule.

Tropical Storm Risk - archive of Atlantic Basin activity forecasts and current tropical activity.



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