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Who's Who Around ZEB.

Sambone: Money manager, been in oil patch since 03. Run over 100 m.

Redjack: Own a small software company that provides software to oil and gas companies. The software is used to do their regulatory filings to the various state agencies. Also provide a service where we file their annual SARA Title  III reports(hazardous chemicals on site).

Garyinhou: I have been a recruiter in Houston for nearly 20 years.  I generally recruit for Oil and Gas related Engineering disciplines but also other professional positions.  BBA 1985 UTSA.

el_vogel: Owner/managing consultant of Endpoint Systems, a software integration consulting company. Our primary focus is on enterprise application integration, business process management and auxiliary services (such as managed software solutions). We otherwise do a lot of software development on the Windows platform using Microsoft and related technologies. Currently supporting a large defense industry client in the DC area.

Wyoming: Marietta College - BS Petroleum Engineering, 18 years with SLB as a field engineer, design engineer and in management in various product lines, worldwide, offshore, land and Arctic environments. 2 years with an Independent E&P as a Completion Engineer working on projects in North Africa, GOM, Shales (Ft. Worth & Delaware Basins), Mississippi.

Italyinvestor: U.S. Army Infantry Officer, Conventional and Special Operations Experience.  Developed a high tolerance for uncertainty and adaptive risk management since 2001.  Plan to retire into the E&P or financial industry as an analyst, planner or manager.

Bleemus: Worked for a few years on trading desk of hedge fund that focused on energy.  More recently helped start an Internet travel company that was recently acquired by a competitor.  Semi-retired.

jsaun14: Director of Finance & Risk Management for a large, private mfg.  MBA – Finance @ SMU. Family used to be big in the oil patch, but now it’s just me.

Jay Reynolds: BS Biology.  In and out of oil patch since '82.  Stripper well operator in NW LA, inventor of Parker Production System, a flexible, non-corroding, ultra-fast deployable production system with one moving part.

Arodeen: Brief Bio: BS in Chemical Engr from University of Oklahoma.  Working for SII for just over 2yrs.  Still new to the market, but I believe I've found the place to learn.

APBD: Retired professor of Business Management now residing in AZ.  No affiliation with the energy industry.  Trying to learn as much as I can. BS, Seton Hall, MBA and PH.D. Boston College.  Am happiest when Notre Dame loses.

Sane: BS in Computer Science and Nuclear Engineering. Worked in nuclear power generation industry for a number of years. Worked in transport industry developing software and currently working in financial sector developing software.

VTZ: Oil Sands Process Engineer. Work in Calgary for a major on the development of new facilities and on existing ones. Formerly at Suncor in Fort McMurray at the upgrader/mine site. I'm familiar with all the existing oil sands projects and processes as well as those in development.

MMarkkk: 29 years experience in E&P, petroleum engineer by education but mainly commercial and management over the last 20.  Majority of experience in U.S. with some international assignments.  Focus currently on North America A&D.

Nicky: I have absolutely no background in the energy business!  As can be see by my useless grasp of the fundamentals.
  • Left school at 18 and went to work for a stockbroker in the City of London. 2 years later headed for Switzerland to work in a ski resort under the pretence of getting fluent in french but really wanting to ski!
  • Returned to the UK and was the youngest and first (!) female to be be employed by Wimpey Homes (since taken over by Taylor Woodrow) and to undergo their intensive sales and finance training program.  They then let me loose on my own site where I sold homes, mortgages, insurance etc.  It fueled my interest in the construction industry but not enough for me to stay.  After 2 years and having been paid a fortune (considering I was only 20) I left to backpack around the world for a year - travel was my passion and it just had to be done.  Traveled the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Africa and finally returned home emaciated but elated and in no mood to settle down!
  • Headed back to the Far East and in particular Thailand and designed and had made 100 silk suits and returned to the UK where my first lucky break in the fashion world came!  I walked into one of London's most prestigious department stores and they bought 50 of my suits.  Spent the next 7 years traveling back and forwards to the Far East and designing my own range of clothing which was then sold to boutiques across England and then Europe.  Finally marriage and a baby made me realize that maybe I needed to stay put and by then the UK was heading into a recession and I could see signs that some of the boutiques I was selling to were starting to struggle - the writing was on the wall!
  • So my husband and I started a construction company - development I guess really.  Just small projects.  A couple of small developments a year.  Designed to enhance not destroy the environment which was becoming very rare in the UK!   I always had half an eye on the stock market from my earlier days working in the City and when the dot com  bubble occurred I was intrigued and even more so when it burst.  Something called Spreadbetting was launched in the UK which you may have heard of.  With it started my interest in the technical analysis and I basically just read a lot and taught myself.  That was 10 years ago now.  In the meantime we built through two recessions in the UK and eventually came to the US  5years ago in search of a better life to coin a cliche!  The UK is being over developed and is over populated and here we saw the opportunity to build what we like to do and not just knock beautiful houses down and replace them with condominiums.  That said the UK housing market gave us a very good heads up and when prices here started to go crazy here in the US a few years ago  I just knew it was a huge warning sign - all the TA pointed to it!
  • When I started trading it was mainly the US indices and UK shares and gradually I just moved to applying the technical analysis to anything else that caught my interest.  That normally means any market that is making an extraordinary move!   Energy is fascinating - the moves huge and really gets my interest!

Jy: BS & MA Geology.  29 years experience in exploration and development US Gulf Coast & Rockies.  Previous Sr. V P Development at $1.5 billion market cap independent.  Currently doing geological and geophysical interpretations of data mostly in the US Gulf Coast and investing in those prospects.

CargoCult: Individual Investor, Semi-Retired. Living in rural Northern California. My background includes business and law. Most recently I've worked as an auto broker buying hi-line lease returns in the wholesale market for individual buyers. My primary interest has been income stocks with positions in Canadian Royalty Trusts and Dry Bulk Shipping. My bias is towards value investing. Understanding options trading is a continuing challenge, one which I have by no means mastered.

Denise: Spent 17 years on the sales side at Goldman Sachs. Retired in 1997 to become a "Soccer Mom" and became interested in the equity market. Been trading since 99 for my own account. My style is swing trading. I subscribe to every good site I can find (like Z's) to  educate myself and get an edge. I am more of a generalist but trying to learn more about energy.

1520sbroad: - BS, Finance, Univ. of Richmond, MBA, Finance, Drexel University.  Worked for SmithBarney for too many years - ran a covered call portfolio.  Now using equity/options experience for a small fund I help run and do some consulting too.

JiveyJr: I manage the money for a Family office.  I am an accountant by training and am a CPA. I have worked for several Texas oil families including one of the four written about in the recent book "Big Rich". I base my trading on technicals and fundamentals. I trade all over the financial markets but have a special love for the oil patch.

-Over 10 years engineering (E&P) experience all over the states (California, 4 Corner's New Mexico/Colorado, West Texas (specialty), Oklahoma, Louisiana).
-BS Petroleum Engineering Texas Tech University
-Completion Engineering focus, with operational/production/drilling experience

BSJ: Spent 2 years US Army, with 1 year in Vietnam.  BS in acctg.  Spent 7 years at a deep value mutual fund (2 years as analysis, 5 years as devil's advocate).  Left to form my own investment partnership which I ran for 25 years.  Closed in 2005, now just manage my own money.  Would be considered a value investor.

Zorgnak: Married 43 Years, Father of Two Good Guys, Soon to be a grandfather. Most of my life I’ve worked in the aviation business. Starting as a Vietnam War helicopter pilot, I continued to fly for various companies in Iran, South East Asia, Africa and the US until I started a charter service in Hawaii in 1983. In 1990 I sold the business  to a larger corporation and retired for the most part, working part time as a medivac, search and rescue pilot in Hawaii and trading for my own account.  In 2000 I completely retired and have been trading for a living since.


Married 47 years. Live on Maui. Have been retired for 14 years. Spent all my working days in the investment industry: salesman, trader and owner of a boutique muni bond firm. Living life large.

My first career has been as a real estate investment professional ( & consultant / advisor) for more than 25 years.. I have also been a fund manager, and have become a professional trader in stocks, options & futures.
I have no particular background or expertise in the energy sector, but Z (& members) provide great analysis and insight which has helped me to develop a tradeable edge.
My trading style incorporates a combination of technicals, fundamentals, sentiment and market timing. My main focus is short term swing trading, long and short.  I use multiple strategies, and trade across multiple market sectors (not just energy).
You can also find me on Twitter @CapCube. I am based in NYC.


Retired Electrical Engineer (did computer and satellite communications systems design).
No petroleum engineering education or experience other than as an investor.
40+ years stock market experience.
I have done some day trading but find I do better with swing trading or longer time
periods so not doing day trading now. I believe in testing everything well and aim to
do nothing "seat of the pants".  I test trading systems with simulation using Amibroker,
WealthLab or Trade.exe and enjoy the analytical aspects and computer programming of that
process so spend a lot of time on that.
Edward P. "Ned" Grace, III - ISLEWORTH on Zman

Mr. Grace is President of Phelps Grace International, Inc. an Orlando, Florida-based investment management company, and is is the Managing Director for Grace Venture Partners, LP. Mr. Grace is the Founder and past Chairman, President and CEO of The Capital Grille & Bugaboo Creek Steak House chains, which he took public in 1994 (NASDAQ: RARE). Mr. Grace sold his chains to Longhorn Steaks, Inc. in 1996 and was a Director and former Vice Chairman of the combined companies, known as RARE Hospitality International, Inc.. Bugaboo Creek Steak House is a casual dining restaurant with a Canadian mountain lodge theme, with locations throughout the Eastern USA. The Capital Grille is a fine dining restaurant, specializing in dry-aged steaks, with locations in major cities throughout the United States. RARE was acquired by Darden Restaurants, Inc.(NYSE:DRI) in 2008 for $1.3B. Mr. Grace formerly owned and founded Hemenway’s Sea Food Grill and Oyster Bar in Providence, Rhode Island (named by Esquire Magazine as "One of America’s best restaurants"); and The Old Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk, Massachusetts. In 1992, Mr. Grace was elected Chairman of the Board of Homestyle Buffet, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed 34-unit buffet-style restaurant chain, based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Mr. Grace has also owned 5% or greater positions in a number of public companies: Rusty Pelican Restaurants, Perception Technology, NHD Stores, Software Spectrum and Leisure Concepts. Mr Grace founded and owned Rapid Finish Photo, Inc., a photo-finishing retailer that was sold in 1989 to Moto Photo (NASDAQ: MOTO).

Mr. Grace recently retired as a Trustee of Johnson & Wales University, where he served as Chairman of both the Executive and the Investment Committees. He was involved with J&W for over 33 years. He is currently a Director of  Not Your Average Joe's, Inc., Larkburger, Inc. and Shawmut Design and Construction. He is a former Director of The Gemesis Corporation, Claim Jumper, Inc., Logan's Roadhouse, Inc., Marketing Specialists, Boston Restaurant Associates(NASDAQ:BRAI), Longhorn Steaks, Inc(NASDAQ:LOHO)and Professional Facilities Management. Mr Grace also served for nine years as a Trustee and Vice Chairman(6 years) of Bryant University, where he chaired the Investment Committee. Mr. Grace has served as a Director of the National Restaurant Association in Washington and The National Restaurant Association's Educational Foundation in Chicago, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Marketing Specialists, Boston Restaurant Associates(NASDAQ:BRAI) and Longhorn Steaks, Inc(NASDAQ:LOHO). Mr. Grace is also a former member of the Council of National Trustees of National Jewish Medical and Resarch Center in Denver, Colorado. He is the former Chairman of WSBE-TV36, Rhode Island’s public television station and former Chairman of the Rhode Island Public Telecommunications Authority. He is a Trustee Emeritus of the University of Vermont, where he funded an Entrepreneurship Program in the School of Business. He served as the Chairman of Government Relations for the National Restaurant Association in 1996. He was named "Restaurateur of the Year" in 1996 by the International Council of Restaurant Real Estate Brokers. He was also honored by Nation’s Restaurant News as the recipient of their 1996 "Hot Concepts" Award for his Capital Grille concept. He was the speaker in 1997 at The University of Vermont School of Business Commencement and at the Johnson & Wales University commencement in Miami, where he also received a Doctor of Business Administration, Honoris Causa. In June 1999, Mr. Grace was the recipient of The University of Vermont's Alumni Association's Alumni Achievement Award. In March 2000, Mr. Grace served as Executive in Residence at the Business School at the University of Central Florida. He served as an Advisor to the Central Florida Technology Incubator, and was appointed by Scotland's Minister of Enterprise to be a Founding Member of GlobalScot, an international business network for Scotland. He is a licensed pilot, with instrument, balloon, multi-engine and seaplane ratings; and he was a full certified member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America for over thirty years. He was the hot-air balloon pilot for the New England Patriots in the early 80s. He is an avid photographer, who specializes in landscape photography. In 2011, Johnson & Wales University named their new Providence, RI Admissions Center building, "The Grace Welcome Center" in honor of Mr. Grace. He currently works with numerous private equity firms who invest in the retail and restaurant space.

Mr. Grace graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Vermont. Ned and his wife Holly reside in Isleworth in Windermere, FL and they have three sons.

JAT: I'm an energy/industrials analyst for a family office in NYC.  Tend to focus on E&P, OSX, MLPs, and capital equipment.

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