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U.S. Generation Share (as of June 2019)

Forecast U.S. Generation Share Change ~ EIA (as of 2019)

International Generation - expected generation growth to be heavily weighted to renewables ~ EIA International Energy Outlook 2019

Shown another way ~ EIA International Energy Outlook 2019

Wind Power 

Wind Power Items of Interest

  • Wind Power Glossary ~ DWEA
  • Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) - Summary - currently expires end of 2019 (construction must start by 12/31/19) but there are exceptions. Extended many times over the years.
  • Wind Power Global Installed Capacity (as of September 2019) = 591 GW - source Vestas

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) Comparison - source TPI Composites

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) - Onshore Wind Over Time - source TPI Composites

Wind Turbine Growth In The U.S. ~ EIA (as of 9/2019)


Solar Items of Interest

Forecast Solar Distributed Generation (DG) Growth (Bloomberg NEF)

Our list of Solar Players 

Carbon Links of Interest 

Carbon Intensity by Industry ~ EIA AEO2019

Links of note:

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