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Rule # 1 in energy trading: Listen to ZMan! In today’s column he said he was down to 20% of his normal puts (all March) as he expected them to play up the gas draw. He also said: “TSO Had A Blowout, Best In Show Quarter Yesterday. No stock is changing hands on the acquisition of a west coast Shell refinery and several hundred service stations and I’m told accretion amounts to 20% in 2007. Debt to cap will be under 50% after the deal and I’m holding off on taking action here until the shine where’s off a bit.” TSO was good for another 4% today!

—Phil of Philstockworld


I manage a 50 story office building in Houston and buy the electricity for it, which is based on the NG price. I like this site because it helps give me a feel for whats going on day to day. I am close to buying the rest of 2008, but interested what the opinions on how low this NG price can go. Thanx

--Dave J 



Love the site, I read it before bloomberg etop.

—Matt (President MB Explore)


Zman’s Energy Brain offers interesting insight to the energy complex (I have added the blog to the blogs I read page)

—The Kirk Report



Thanks for all your work. Have found it very useful in trading nat gas

futures.  Looks like we will have highs in the mid 30’s here in Mn next 
week, Feb 19th.

—Chris L.


zman - I just want to second John’s comments. You are very much appreciated by myself and I’m sure many others - probably all others. I’m amazed at your knowledge and insights into the oil market and put a lot of weight on your analysis and calls - particularly when you and Phil are on the same page. Have to admit some of it is still gives me a bit of a headache trying to understand it all, but I’m getting a good education - and actually made some decent money today on my XOM puts! —Bill P.


I am a retired army lieutenant colonel playing petro and gold a bit, and this is the best source of info i have come across, and i have looked around quite a lot, including flynn, energy intelligence newsletter, etc. keep up the good work, and know that we value your thoughts, however riddled with self doubt you may become, at times, as we all do. god bless. — Robert


Zman….enjoy and appreciate your hard work. As “janitor emeritus” of the Natural Gas Traders Hall of Fame, I have mentioned your blog to our energy group. We are trying to dumb-down energy trading from black-box alchemy back to fundamentals. Your site is an excellent resource and we hope that all your fills are complete! --Randy Brown


Thanks. Just made 500%+ on “your” CHK.  ~ Irished

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