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Thursday Morning – Oil Review, Natural Gas Preview plus AREX, SRCI, Wattenbergs

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Resilient / traction continues. Interesting trend change. In today's post please find the oil inventory review (unexpected crude draw brought about by tame imports, a bigger than expected bounce in throughput, and record exports while product stock changes were less bullish due to higher output and gasoline imports), the natural gas […]


Friday Morning – SRCI, SWN

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: One of the weaker weeks following one of the strongest of the year as the heart of upstream reports generally solid if as expected growth (few blowouts to the upside this quarter (notable exception SRCI), good spending discipline but subjected to fears over rising GOR's.  Names like PXD are setting […]


Tuesday Morning – CLB, SRCI

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: In energy land news flow is increasing.  In today's post please find the oil inventory preview (more draws expected across the board), comments on the Macro and quarter for CLB (miss and lower guidance but we largely pay attention for the macro), comments on SRCI (monster beat pre announced; guidance jacked higher), […]


Tuesday Morning

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Oil remains weak in front of data this week that's unlikely to be inspiring. A more medium term focus for data (beyond a couple of weeks and into 3Q when demand soars) would be appropriate but traders remain impatient and technical remain non supportive. Group trying to find traction but again, […]


Payrolls Friday

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Nervous energy market conditions. Don't Panic.  In today's post please find: the natural gas inventory review (modestly bigger than expected injection, positive demand data for next week), comments on quarterly reports from PE (beat and raise, just crushing it), AREX (meh), ECR (beat and raise, well overdone to the downside), and SRCI (as expected pre […]

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