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Wednesday Morning – Catalyst List Update Part III

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. . Housekeeping Watch: We conducted a software "upgrade" last Friday and one of the changes to the site was the removal of the "Login" link at upper left. Please use the "Admin / Login" link at upper right to log in to the site. If you need assistance, please email us at  Market Sentiment Watch: Happy […]


Thursday Morning – OAS

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Fed out of the way after giving the market pretty much exactly what it wanted yesterday (that's debatable but market reaction to comments was not). Our sense was that the Fed for the first time in recent history may have been talking to tame the dollar and it makes one wonder […]


Wednesday Morning – LPI, AR, OAS

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. . Market Sentiment Watch:We are starting to see progress (or expectations being met) on a number of points from our early February Presure Relief Valve list here (most notably in the area of balance sheet repair and enhancement). In energyland, more eyes than usual will again be focused on the EIA oil inventory. Another large build […]


Thursday Morning – Earnings Avalanche

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. . Market Sentiment Watch:  NFX wins best call of the season to date with 4Q call yesterday.  Who would have thought you could take the same disciplined approach for several years straight and yet go from goat to hero in the eyes of so many who didn't get it back then, especially now, with prices […]


Tuesday Morning

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Nervous market conditions persist for the broad markets. In energyland the combination of more visibility in capital budgets and the attempt to find a crude bottom (not a reversal but a bottom) is prompting a little bottom fishing and short covering. The heart of 4Q14 earnings season is 3 weeks […]

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