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Wednesday Morning – More Bakken News and Other Stuff

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Syria situation in flux but the pressure seems to be off everyone to take action as President Obama called for a pause to check out the "Russian Solution". In today's post please find comments on the CLR guidance call, the oil inventory preview,  a number of subscriber mailbag responses, and updated ZLT Pie, and […]


T.G.I.F. Plus Bakken

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Market Sentiment Watch: All eyes on Jackson Hole and comments from Fed players today. The headlines are already scrolling by with Lockhart talking a possible September taper if the data get him there. More importantly, he see unemployment substantially lower by the end of this year. In today's post please find the weekly natural gas storage slide […]


Thursday Morning – More Earnings

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Another busy day in energyland as the earnings season essentially draws to a close tomorrow. Chinese data overnight showed a surprising rebound for July in trade aiding futures this morning. We've noted an increase in energy offerings as the season ends and likely CEO's are thinking along the same lines we […]


Wednesday Morning – Oil Preview Plus A Number of Odds and Ends

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Market Sentiment Watch: Quiet day on tap with futures pointing to another bounce but the third 1Q13 GDP revision showed a substantial drop which sets the bar fairly low for the 2Q number we will get next month. We're largely invested and for the most part sitting on our hands at the moment, waiting for a […]



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Market Sentiment Watch:  Unexpectedly good day yesterday as recovery rally ensued with expectations high that Bernanke says soothing things next week. We continue to see the taper and tightening as two different things with tightening being quite a ways off and not a bad thing at all, other than from a short term, pullback type […]

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