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Wednesday Morning – NFX, NFX vs CLR, PDCE

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market treading water in front of Yellen's speech on Friday. In today's post please find an updated cheat sheet for NFX and a compare and contrast sheet with other STACK/Bakken name CLR, the oil inventory preview, the natural gas inventory preview (looking for the lowest injection on record for this week of the […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Inventory Review and Natural Gas Inventory Preview

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Expecting slow days into the end of the week, especially tomorrow with no economic data and option expiry. In today's post please find the oil inventory review (bigger than expect oil and gasoline drawdowns made for good headline numbers (especially since gasoline stocks are now well on their way to normalizing) while a […]


Tuesday Morning – Bakken Cheats Plus NOG, PE, CXO

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Econoimic data heating up but market looks to be on almost auto pilot before August expiry and Labor Day.  In today's post please find  the early read on oil inventories, cheat sheet updates for a number of Bakken Players along with comments on NOG changes, comments on another acquisition and set […]


Wednesday Morning – CLR and NFX

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. . Market Sentiment Watch:  In today's post please find the oil and natural gas inventory previews, cheat sheets on Bakken / Mid Con players CLR and NFX, in preparation for the Blue Light Special and Shopping List (Gassy Edition) updates later this week, and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: We get Job Openings at 10 […]


Thursday Morning – Earnings Avalanche Day 2

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market eyes should be turning to tomorrow's nonfarm Payrolls and associated data. In today's post please find comments on another busy day of 1Q16 energy earnings. Our comments are in some cases briefer than usual due to time constraints and will be followed up as usual in coming days with wrap […]

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