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Wednesday Morning – OPEC Eve

. . Market Sentiment Watch: OPEC coverage begins tomorrow early, schedule noted below. News flow in the group is as expected at a standstill in front of OPEC. In today's post please find the oil inventory review (API out overnight was solid), the natural gas inventory preview (injection set to be smaller than the 5 year […]


Tuesday Morning – OAS

. . Market Sentiment Watch: OPEC meets Thursday. Expect volatility. We do not expect a V-up correction higher in the group. We expect sideways action as prices calm down. In today's post please find an updated cheat sheet for OAS and a Bakken Players short form multiples table as we walk through more of the ZLT top […]


Monday Morning – OPEC Meeting Week

. . Market Sentiment Watch: OPEC Week Plus D.C. Hourly News means likely increase in volatility. Again we say Don't Panic but expect volatility. Media and analysts commented at $46 that the OPEC meeting was fully priced in as an extension. At $51 we say, sure pal, whatever. 3Q and 4Q demand vs the cuts […]


Wrap – Week Ended 5/19/17

. . The ZLT was flat last week and is down 11.9% on the year. The XOP was up 0.7% last week and is down 14.2% on the year.  Questions under The Wrap will be addressed in the Monday post.  Questions about Z4 Research / Zman's Energy Brain? Please email us at . . […]


Friday Morning – MTDR

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Summer doldrums in progress with OPEC next week. ZLT streamlining and core up about to begin (but not feeling rushed). In today's post please find the natural gas inventory review (bigger than expected injection still well below the five year average; this week's data points to a similarly sized injection next […]

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