Thursday Afternoon Subscription Watch

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Detailed subscription directions can be found in the Subscription Procedures link at left.

We've added a piece on loss passwords under the heading Lost My Password?, also at left.

Also, if you don't like PayPal I understand. They can be difficult. You can use a credit card via PayPal without signing up for a PayPal account. I probably get stroked for another 3% but if it saves you time/frustration than by all means go that route. As you go through the process to activate your account you'll see a link on the bottom of the paypal account that let's you use a credit card.

If you've registered but not paid that is fine but please note that starting Saturday you will have to log in to view new material. If you have not activated your account you will be given the option to do so when you log in.  

Many of you have already subscribed and you have my thanks. Best of luck to everyone and if you, like many, are making it a four day weekend have a great and safe one!

Best Regards!

Screen shot of this page with arrows highlighting important links:

screenshot-083007.jpgclick to enlarge 

PAYPAL IS A BONEHEAD WATCH: In an effort to provide uber zealous levels of security PayPal may hold your payment. It's a temporary hold (probably 10 days) during which time I will manually activate any accounts that encounter this Snafu.  



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